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Category: Career Paths

Forgotten Generation? Forget That. Gen X Takes the Lead.

Hey, Gen X. You used to be the middle chid, the Prince Charles generation perpetually in waiting.  But no more . With 20 years' experience and 51% of leadership positions worldwide, you are more and more the boss, the lead, number one, the chief setting the pace in the C-suite. This Fast Company article by Gwen Moran (with input from yours truly) reveals the skills your years of waiting taught you--and what you can teach us all.    A few years ago, Pew... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Making Mentors of Us All

Here's a surprise. The fastest growing age group in the workforce these days is NOT Millennials, and it's not up-and-coming Gen Z. It’s people over 65. Bunches of Boomers Right now, never-retirees are increasing their numbers at work by 5% to 6% each year. So, do the math. How many Baby Boomers will be working side-by-side with young folks in your organization by 2024, when their growth will level off? Bunches. Fewer than a quarter of Americans over 65 can afford... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Monday, April 30, 2018
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Which Generation Were You Born to Lead?

“Leader” is a loaded word.Each generation defines it differently. If you work with the Silent Generation, the ghost of the “leader as commander” lingers in the air. For Silents, leadership was based on role. In the business world, executives led like generals. If you work in a traditional industry like law, medicine, accounting or government, you'll encounter this leadership model. Tips for Leading in Highly Traditional Settings ... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Gen X Execs. Are You the New Black?

  Amy Lynch Harness the Power of Generational Intelligence.  Amy Lynch helps the generations understand each other. She has spoken to 100s of groups from MTV and Comcast to Boeing, J&J and the staff of the U.S. Senate.  Contact Amy about your next event.    Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Thursday, May 26, 2016
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Managing Millennials: Redefining Loyalty

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Posted by Amy Lynch at Wednesday, November 4, 2015
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Why Your Boss is Younger Than You

In traditional corporate models, age and experience were major players. Your boss was your senior. That was the norm. Now that’s changing. For nearly 20 years, digital skills have upended the old model bit by bit.  In a digital economy, change happens faster. New challenges demand new solutions and new skills. Experience and seniority tend to matter less, competency and agility more. The generational layer cake breaks down even further on project teams where older... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Wednesday, September 2, 2015
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Gen Z and Manufacturing

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Posted by Amy Lynch at Wednesday, August 19, 2015
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2015: The Generations Shift

This is a year of massive demographic changes. Shift One : Millennials inch ahead of Boomers in the workforce. Ms outnumber Booms by about 2%. Not a big margin yet, but growing quickly. Shift Two : Boomers are working, staying longer, so 3 generatins are basically even-steven in numbers. Booms, Gen X and Millennials all number right around 50 million each. The good news? Boomer vision, Gen X efficiency and Millennial innovation are all at your disposal. The... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Wednesday, August 5, 2015
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Ask, Already!

Not long ago, I was talking with a group about the first-time-ever phenomenon of 70 million Baby Boomers fueling up for an additional decade of work. The equation is simple. Working longer = learning longer. Boomers have to retool in order to do relevant work. But managers, no matter what their age, often assume Boomers who report to them have already done all they can or want to do. As we talked, I urged Boomers in the room to take the reins on this. I said we have to... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Wednesday, December 3, 2014
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Fourth Quarter Careers: Part Two

Facing more years of work than you expected? You're not alone. In every industry, Boomers are working an average 7 years longer than anybody thought they would. How can you continue to bring value, relevance and maybe even joy to your work?    Below, a few tips for remaining at the top of your game until the end of the game.  Ask For What You Need. Technical Training:  If you're a typical Boomer, one thing you need is training in new... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Wednesday, November 5, 2014
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