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Amy Lynch

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Category: Finances

Are Generations Global? The Answer is Economic.

In summer of 2018, Microsoft INSPIRE recognized Amy Lynch with a Speaker of Excellence award. Below are excerpts from her “Innovation Across Generations” presentation to that international audience.   Within this room, we are incredibly diverse.  Each of us lives in a series of complex identity bubbles. Our gender identity, for example, creates a sort of bubble that shapes our experience, as do ethnicity and race and personality type.  Then there’s geog... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Will Millennials "Friend" the Market?

For decades Baby Boomers and Generation X have viewed blue chip stock as bedrock—solid, low-risk, and essential to a balanced portfolio. But that changes with Millennials. In their 20s and early 30s now, Millennials seldom invest. Only one in three owns stock (one in five among younger Millennials.(1)  Forty percent of Millennials prefer cash over stock for long-term savings, and only 1 in 10 Millennials say they would use a raise at work to invest in the market.(2) When they do ... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Monday, January 16, 2017

Generational Gifts, An UNserious Guide

For Millennials on Your List Urban boots, skinny jeans, anything 1920s drifters wore (Note to Boomers, nothing that matches) A lab beaker for pour-over coffee Kombucha (you drink it) For Hipsters with indie tastes, anything artisan and esoteric. Goat soap wrapped in burlap is aways a hit. Unpaid internship (just kidding)  Money to pay off college debt (not kidding at all) Gen X Wish List Personal drone to track the kids Invitation to play Farmville (just kidding) More ... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Millennials Revive Rust Belt Cities

What are cool cities for Millennials? Denver, Austin, San Francisco and Nashville top the list of“it” cities for Millennials, but they are old news. To find hot cities right now think Rust Belt. Millennials are revitalizing Pittsburg, St. Louis, Detroit, Columbus, Baltimore and Cleveland, cities once given up for dead. To imagine whats’ happening, picture an airline route map in a flight magazine in which all the lines curve up from the coasts and converge in the center. ... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Gen Z Kids Are Like Their Great-Grandparents. Here's Why.

Alas, it’s the Millennials’ turn to feel old. Gen Z (also called Homelanders or GenEdge) is coming of age. The oldest Zs turn 22 this year. They are the newest employees and interns in your company and the youngest people who buy what you sell. Zs are the kids in your house, teens at the mall, students in our classrooms, your nieces, nephews, and grandkids. Here’s the surprise. Gen Z shares generational DNA with their grandparents and great-grands, the S... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Wednesday, July 8, 2015

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