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Whatcha Gonna Call Gen Z?

Many factors shape a generation – the economy, the political scene, parenting trends, educational methods and big turning-point events like the Kennedy and King assassinations, 9/11 or The Great Depression. A new generation is created when several elements like those above come together and create a clear shift in the national mood—from passionate to cynical maybe or, more recently, from cynical to urgent.  Right now, we’re watching those fact... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Gen Z May Drive You Cray Cray. Here's Why.

Gen Z employees are fast. They expect to work hard. They know the value of a dollar. What could go wrong? Here's the tea. (Z slang for the gossip, the real dirt). Trained by Tech Your biggest challenge with Gen Z employees may well be the challenge their teachers and professors have been facing for years: lack of focus. These digital natives grew up reading Goodnight IPad rather than Goodnight Moon at bedtime. By elementary school, they were cross-platforming (mastering ... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Thursday, May 11, 2017

5 Things You Didn't Know About Gen Z

1. That’s not their real name.  The Z thing is basically a placeholder. As Zers go to work and show what they’re made of, a definitive name will emerge. But for now they (and we) have to put up with an annoying rage of names--IGens, Centennials, Plurals, Globals, 21st ers, Founders, etc. In the long term, put your money on Homelanders or on GenEdge, for a gen born on the edge of change. 2. Born to pinch and swipe.   Zs prefer to use 5 screens when multitasking. The... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Gen Z and Manufacturing

I have written about GenEdge (also called Gen Z or as Homelanders) as a generation poised to excel in manufacturing. Born after 1995, Edgers grew up assuming that tech ability and hands-on "hacking" are part of a basic skill set, not add-ons. And having grown up digital, they are hungry for DIY, tactile experiences. Edgers are into baking, building, carving and coding. Since elementary school, they’ve used YouTube to find out how to fix a bicycle or plant a garden.... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Gen Z Mystery

Research about Gen Z -- also called Homelanders, iGen, Gen Edge and Globals -- is still emerging, but all indications are that they are sturdy, resourceful and willing to work. Consider this comparison chart. Before you jump for joy, consider the questions below. Every generation has its strengths and its weaknesses, and Gen Z is no exception. What will Z attributes mean for your organization? Questions to Consider If Edgers are more compliant, will... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What's in a Name? Gen Edge

Move over Millennials. There's a new kid in town. Recently demographers and gen theorists documented a clear shift---distinct behaviors and attitudes that signaled the start of a new generation. Technology plays a role here. For people 19 and under, digital relationships and multi-tasking on five screens at once are the norm. In fact, many of them were read "Goodnight IPad" rather than "Goodnight Moon" at bedtime. Now the question -- what to call this new... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Gen Z Kids Are Like Their Great-Grandparents. Here's Why.

Alas, it’s the Millennials’ turn to feel old. Gen Z (also called Homelanders or GenEdge) is coming of age. The oldest Zs turn 22 this year. They are the newest employees and interns in your company and the youngest people who buy what you sell. Zs are the kids in your house, teens at the mall, students in our classrooms, your nieces, nephews, and grandkids. Here’s the surprise. Gen Z shares generational DNA with their grandparents and great-grands, the S... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Marketing to Mini-Makers

Were still learning about Gen Z, born between 1995 and 2010, but the race is already on to engage this generation of digital, resourceful realists.  If not to sell to them directly, then to influence them to, in turn, influence their Gen X parents to view brands favorably. Why the imperative to create brand relationships with kids still in elementary and middle school? One reason. Their first language is digital. As true digital natives (they don’t remember before smartphon... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Wednesday, September 24, 2014

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