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8 Ways the Pandemic Will Define Gen Z

Each generation has a watershed moment when they are young – a sudden plunge toward uncertainty they all remember vividly all their lives. These moments crystalize the frame of mind for a whole generation of kids.  For months, Gen Z kids have sheltered in place, worn masks, socially distanced and learned online. They listen as authorities argue about solutions. Summer vacations are uncertain, as is school in the fall. How will all this change them?  In Ge... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Wednesday, May 20, 2020

About That Flag On Your Shirt

Generations expert Amy Lynch likes to hang out in public places (like the polls) and observe generational behaviors. Not in a stalker way, in a researcher way.    My friend Mary Katherine Morn posted this photo and its caption on her Facebook page recently.  An activist, visionary, minister and passionate Baby Boomer, she takes obvious pleasure and satisfaction in voting.  She believes it makes a difference.  I admire Mary Katherine immensely--her wor... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Sunday, August 26, 2018

2020: Will Your Generation Be Invisible?

Amy spoke recently to the Boyd Center for Business and Economic Research. THESE ARE NOTES FROM her ADDRESS.      The room was full of data-heads. Everybody there spoke “numbers” fluently. So we started there – big generations, small ones, how peacetime and good economies make birthrates go up while wars and uncertain economies drive fertility down. As a result, Millennials are today's official gorilla gen with Gen Z p... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Saturday, August 25, 2018

There's a Word for That in "Z." A Quiz on Gen Z Slang

Gen Z (born between 1998-2015) have been around about as long as the internet and have completely grown up online. Naturally, they have new lingo.  Also known as Homelanders, Gen Edge, Alpha Gen and iGen, this young generation doesn't even have an official name yet, so they are Gen Z for now. So far, Zs have brought us slang like TFW, woke, fire, gucci, salty, draking, unsult, glow up, extra and adulting, among others. Are you woke (in the ironic sense, of cour... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Monday, April 30, 2018

Enter the Ear Bud

If you are Gen X or Millennial, and certainly if you are Gen Z, you may never have been outside the range of urban noise. Traffic, electronics, construction—they’re everywhere. In fact, most of us live above the 75-decibel noise level health experts recommend. Even average noise levels in our homes easily reach 90 decibels. Meanwhile out in the wild, nature is getting drowned out. In nearly two-thirds of US national parks, airplanes, cars mining and drilling are regularly twice th... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Whatcha Gonna Call Gen Z?

Many factors shape a generation – the economy, the political scene, parenting trends, educational methods and big turning-point events like the Kennedy and King assassinations, 9/11 or The Great Depression. A new generation is created when several elements like those above come together and create a clear shift in the national mood—from passionate to cynical maybe or, more recently, from cynical to urgent.  Right now, we’re watching those fact... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Gen Z and Politics

Many members of Gen Z are still in middle school, but the eldest are flooding into college, the workplace and the voting booth. They have clout already. Born with Their Eyes Open A realistic bunch, Zs approach adulthood after wading through years of terrorist attacks, financial meltdowns, racial and religious conflict, and entrenched political divide. This has made them fairly pessimistic. Forty percent of Gen Zs think the world is becoming a worse place. Only 20 percent believe it’s ... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Monday, July 17, 2017

Gen Z May Drive You Cray Cray. Here's Why.

Gen Z employees are fast. They expect to work hard. They know the value of a dollar. What could go wrong? Here's the tea. (Z slang for the gossip, the real dirt). Trained by Tech Your biggest challenge with Gen Z employees may well be the challenge their teachers and professors have been facing for years: lack of focus. These digital natives grew up reading Goodnight IPad rather than Goodnight Moon at bedtime. By elementary school, they were cross-platforming (mastering ... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Thursday, May 11, 2017

Don't Let Generational Conflict Kill Your Small Business

Generational studies have been around for a decade now. Most of us ticked generational differences off our competency list years ago. Millennials? Lots of feedback. Boomers? Use the phone. And that was fine. Until now. Right now, generations at work are changing faster than you can say “demographic cohort.” First, millennials aren’t the new guys any more. They’re established, experienced and the largest generation in the workplace -- basically the new gorilla in th... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Wednesday, February 8, 2017

5 Things You Didn't Know About Gen Z

1. That’s not their real name.  The Z thing is basically a placeholder. As Zers go to work and show what they’re made of, a definitive name will emerge. But for now they (and we) have to put up with an annoying rage of names--IGens, Centennials, Plurals, Globals, 21st ers, Founders, etc. In the long term, put your money on Homelanders or on GenEdge, for a gen born on the edge of change. 2. Born to pinch and swipe.   Zs prefer to use 5 screens when multitasking. The... Read More
Posted by Amy Lynch at Tuesday, November 1, 2016
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