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Generational Differences

People have thought about the gaps between generations for thousands of years.  For example, there’s a folk tale that dates from the Middle Ages in Croatia. It goes like this. 

A man is born into bad times and has bad luck. He gets angry and goes to see Destiny to complain. Once at Destiny’s house, the man watches and waits for seven days, as Destiny has asked him to do. Every night at midnight the house shakes violently and wakes both the man and Destiny. A voice booms “Many mortals await your gifts.” Each night when the voice calls out, Destiny goes to the window, opens a chest and throws out whatever is in the chest. Some nights Destiny throws jewels and gold into the darkness. Other nights he throws out stale bread and pennies. 

After seven days, the man wakes with the realization that some generations are born during abundant times and others when times are lean. His own trials and traits are part of a greater story.

Then Destiny tells the man that, though he cannot change the generation of his birth, he can change his luck. The key is to find a partner of another generation. If he partners with that person, he will prosper.  And so he does. 

A medieval tale, but relevant. The work of learning Generational Intelligence is to help us understand the ways generations are different, and even more importantly, how we can partner to prosper together.  

Posted by Amy Lynch at 1:51 PM
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