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Moms Are In This Season

Season Finale of Project Runway, Season 8. Host of the show, Tim Gunn tells the contestants some celebrity guests are coming. Anticipation runs high. Who will the mystery celebs be? 

The moment arrives. From behind the curtain comes MOM! That’s right. The contestants’ mothers. The place went wild. The Millennial contestants ran to their mothers, hugged, cried big tears and were SO happy. “I felt so lost without her here," said one young man.

That would NOT have happened 20 years ago, not 30 years ago, not 40. But 70 years ago? Yes.

Generations run in cycles. During a generation of Belonging, families are strong. During generations of Awakening (Boomers) and Unraveling (Gen X) family life erodes. Millennials are a generation of Crisis. In an increasingly anonymous and unpredictable world, parents pulled close and Millennials responded.  

When reflecting on that episode of the show, Tim Gunn commented, that the reaction of his generation to having parents show up would have been entirely different.  Gunn notes that his mother is still critical of what he wears. It’s kind of her job as Mom. But fast forward 2 generations and you get the opposite. The parents of the Millennial contestants on the show were their kids’ biggest fans. And it showed when they embraced in public with hugs and tears. Moms are in this season.


Posted by Amy Lynch at 1:52 PM
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