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Generational Communication for Holiday Gatherings

From office party to family dinner, all the gens gather during the holidays. Reduce awkward moments and increase the Ho Ho Ho. Here's how. 


As an idealistic Boomer, you’re allowed to be ridiculously sentimental, so lean into it and spread cheesy cheer. Write a sky-is-the-limit annual letter and send it through mail, on paper even, (it’s coming back.) Slip extra cash into the stockings of Gen X and Millennials (the long recession hit them hard), and don’t mention Social Security in generationally mixed company (it’s a sore spot with the youngsters). Finally, have a bit of fun. Text at the table and take of lots of selfies!  

Gen X

If you’re Gen X, only authenticity will do, so keep it real. Write a holiday letter with edge and irony, and explore the existential implications of Charlie Brown’s 50-year Yuletide depression (is that midlife or what!) Don’t just shop for gifts, stalk them. Double check every guarantee. Be patient with idealistic Booms at family gatherings. Want to have a bit of fun? Confuse everybody. Pack up your skepticism for a day and act like Scrooge the morning after.


If you’re Millennial, relish the retro this season—an aluminum tree and reruns of White Christmas. In the meantime, fend off family comments about (not) getting married or being between jobs (it was so, so different for Booms.) Be as Zen as possible with the fluffy house-shoes and stuff people give you. Just go by Good Will on the way home. It’s the hipster way.

For more fun, share the Which Gen Are You at the Holidays? Quiz with friends and family. 

And to all a good night!

Author, generations expert and keynote speaker Amy Lynch works with companies who want to Harness the Power of Generational Intelligence.



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