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Generational Learning Styles

Any time you present ideas to a group large or small, the room contains more than one generation, and more than one gen learning style. Here's some insight. 

Silents:  Be the Expert.

Give people 67 and up a head start, with time to review summaries or written materials beforehand. Give them the big picture, then the details, and use real-world examples. Go easy on the funny anecdotes because they may detract from the progressive line of thought Silents expect from you.

Boomers:  Be the Friendly Expert.

Be friendly and collegial. Use interaction and dialog because, as a generation, Boomers have been known to have "authority issues." Boomers are competitive, so give them a chance to shine by asking questions about their experiences and what they already know. Finally, don't call Baby Boomers "Sir" or "Ma'am." Use first names instead. I think you know why. Be the friendly expert.

Gen X:  Be the Guide, Not the Expert.

Delineate goals and outcomes for Xers, because time is a commodity they do NOT want to waste. Give them choices as to how and when they learn. Working alone may be the preference of independent Xers. Use humor. (Twisted is good with this gen).  Use bullet points and highly visual materials. And make everything relevant. Xers learn so they can get it done. Always be willing to say, "I don't know. Let's find out." 

Millennials:  Be a Collaborative Guide. 

Set up learning so that Millennials do real work, and do it collaboratively. Pose challenging problems that drive them to create the solutions you want them to learn. Then debrief. Listen to every idea and use those ideas as coaching moments.

Author, entrepreneur and keynote speaker Amy Lynch works with companies that want to Harness the Power of Generational Intelligence.

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