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Amy Lynch

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Healthcare Disruption and Gen IQ

What’s changing in healthcare? Nearly everything! It’s easier to ask what’s not changing. That would be a shorter list.

    Three megatrends are in play simultaneously:      digital tech, consumerism and public policy No matter what our role in the industry, we're all feeling the pressure of disruption.

Star Trek and TUGS

New technology is all over the board, from electronic charting, mobile care and scheduling with apps to wearables and big data analytics. TUG robots roam the halls of hospitals, and more than 20 percent of doctor visits are video-based. Then there's the $10 million X Prize for a working tricorder like on Star Trek. The first round of prizes was awarded this year. In healthcare, the digital revolution is now.

Patients as Partners

Each new generation of patients demands more control over their care. Baby Boomers expected providers to have answers and to control the framework for care. Not Generation Xers and Millennials. They want to control the schedule, own their information and be partners in designing their treatment. Increasingly, the provider-patient relationship is transactional. Patients have become consumers who shop competitively for care and post online reviews.

ASA Interrupted

Forget three-year strategic plans for your practice, hospital, agency, clinic or company. With political gridlock in Washington, policy is up in the air. There's no telling what will change or when.

Innovating with Generational Intelligence (GEN IQ) 

Those three disruptive trends keep pushing us forward. We simply can't do business this year the way we did last.

This kind of fast, unpredictable change always occurs during a generational 4th Turning. Systems come under pressure. Institutions and technologies that used to work well begin to fail, and we have to create new ways of doing things. During a 4th Turning, companies innovate their way through change or they disappear. That’s where we are now.

But how can you innovate in a highly regulated system like healthcare, and how can you innovate when your teams are made up of four generations who communicate differently and innovate in completely different ways? That’s where Generational Intelligence (Gen IQ, for short) comes in.

Gen IQ is a set of strategies for leading cross-generational teams when everything is changing. Innovation that is based in Gen IQ deploys strategies that work across generations and create new ideas fast.

Try this sampling of Gen IQ strategies:

  • Regular “fix-its” when the whole team focuses on a problem that needs solving. This brings together the big-picture vision of Boomers, the pragmatism of Gen X and the speed of Millennials.
  • Short bursts of focused ITO (innovation time off) for Boomers, individual ITO for Xers and collaborative ITO for Millennials.
  • Programs that make it safe to fail, for example, “Best Ideas that Didn’t Work” awards.
  • Online tools and short deadlines that foster rapid-fire input on changes and fixes.
  • Rewards for incremental innovations, most likely to come from Gen Xers, as well as visionary ones from other generations.

We live in an age of acceleration, and that’s nowhere more obvious than in healthcare. Evolving technology, growing consumerism and uncertain public policy make prediction nearly impossible. But teams that stay nimble and innovate fiercely can thrive. Gen IQ shows you how.


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Amy Lynch  

Amy Lynch works with companies that want to Harness the Power of Gen IQ: Generational Intelligence. She has spoken to hundreds of groups, from MTV and Comcast to Boeing, J&J and the staff of the U.S. Senate.  Contact Amy about your next event. 

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Posted by Amy Lynch at 6:00 AM
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