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Amy Lynch

Generations Expert + Idea Warrior + Entrepreneur

Is It Time to Manage Millennials Differently?

Want Loyalty? Manage Collaboratively.

Boomers expected to be loyal to the company first. The boss was just part of the package. Millennials have turned that on its head. Millennials are loyal to collaborative bosses. The company is just part of the package. 

Studies across multiple industries all reveal the same evidence—the primary element making Millennials happy in their jobs is a supportive supervisor. And the primary element that makes them disengage and walk is an unsupportive boss.

Front line managers are more important than ever before, Especially in industries hungry for young talent like construction and manufacturing. 
Supervisors empowered to give young workers the things they want are retention machines.

And what does this new workforce want? Basically three things—new skills, open communication and a sense of control over their time. 

Grow Me:  Millennials expect to be learning all their lives. If you keep putting learning opportunities in front of them, they are more likely to stay. One study found a 90% correlation between people who wanted to stay in their jobs and constantly learning new skills. 

Give Me Time: Time, or a sense of control over time, is the new money. Whenever you give Millennials choices around their schedules, you win increased loyalty. Even in hourly settings like manufacturing or retail, you can give teams some ability to self-schedule, or provide a framework for shift swaps. Maybe you let people work overtime now to earn additional vacation days later. You might even try a specified number of unpaid “your days” each year. These aren’t sick days or vacation days, just “your” days that employees can use any way they want, with no need to explain. The only requirement is that "your days" be scheduled ahead. The key here is not working fewer hours. The key is a sense of control.

Talk to Me: Millennials expect to have input into decisions that affect their work. In fact, they consider it part of the job to offer ideas and ask questions. When you ask for input and make it clear that you listen, young gens respond with loyalty.

In fact, the more you listen to them, the more they hear you.


Amy Lynch, Harness the Power of Generational Intelligence | @AmyLynchGenEdge   Let's Talk:  615-944-6140

Author and entrepreneur Amy Lynch helps the generations understand each other and work together. She has spoken to 100s of groups from MTV to Boeing, J&J and the staff of the U.S. Senate. Amy has been quoted in The Washington Post, USA Today, Boston Globe, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune and NBC Evening News, among others. Call about your next event. 


Posted by Amy Lynch at 3:30 PM
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