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Generations Expert + Idea Warrior + Entrepreneur

Generations Expert. Idea Warrior. Killer Keynoter.

She doesn’t just talk about excellence in a multigenerational world. She lives it.

Financial Services

App-driven banking. Online investing. Bitcoin, blockchain and fintech. There’s disruption on every front. No matter what your role is within financial services, change comes at you fast.

Thriving during this accelerated era requires deft timing and a clear sense of what matters most. In addition to chasing down business opportunities, you are constantly making decisions about adopting new technology, identifying resources and onboarding new talent.  what resources you need, the talent to onboard and which opportunities to chase.

That’s where strategic generational diversity comes into play:

  • Who better to identify the best tech than Millennials and Gen Z?

  • Who better to make data-based, difficult decisions than pragmatic Gen X?

  • Who better to provide context and evaluate opportunities than Boomers?

  • Who better to bring resources to bear than collaborative Millennials, and

  • Who better to rustle up fast prototypes than hands-on Gen Z?  


Based on her research into demographic trends and the economic conditions that shape generations, Amy provides insight to financial services professionals seeking solutions that strengthen multi-generational communication, innovation and marketing.

These keynotes are Amy’s most popular for financial services professionals: 
What’s Your Gen IQ? 
Don’t Let Generational Conflict Kill Your Innovation 
Elections 2018: the Real Story is Generational.

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Bluestem Brands • College of Financial Planning • Elevations Credit Union • Fidelity Investments • First Midwest Bank • First Premiere Bank • Horne Accounting • Lattimore, Black, Morgan and Cain • Liberty Mutual Insurance • LOMA • NAFCU, National Association of Federal Credit Unions • State Farm Insurance • Suntrust • RSM McGladrey • Texas Bankers Association • USBank • Visa


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A Note From Amy:

  ​​​​I know what it’s like when new technology completely upends your industry. Early in my career, I was in publishing. One company I launched was a great success, and I ended up selling to a Fortune 500 company. It was a dream come true. But then, only a few years later, the next publishing company I founded failed miserably—all because technology had utterly changed the industry. What a humbling experience. I emerged poorer, but wiser, and began looking carefully at how the Digital Revolution has changed the value chain in lots of industries, including financial services. When I overlay the effects of digital disruption with generational research, the trends fall into patterns that make sense. I absolutely love working with audiences and institutions to use those generational patterns to predict what investors and customers need now and will expect in coming years.

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