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Amy Lynch

knows healthcare.


From telemedicine and informatics to TUGS, tricorders and big data, new technology drives healthcare forward at a blistering pace. Meanwhile, patients shop competitively and expect to design the healthcare experience for themselves. Simultaneously, policy unfolds with unpredictable consequences.

Welcome to a perfect storm of change.

Amy works with healthcare organizations to navigate the evolving landscape by addressing the three megatrends playing out in healthcare today—Pace, Patients and Policy.

Whether you are dealing with nurse shortages, patient satisfaction scores, young generations who don’t respond to supervision, Millennial managers lacking leadership training, or a need for fiercely nimble leadership in response to change, Amy applies generational research to the problem. She arms healthcare professionals and organizations with insight into the traits, strengths and expectations of very different generations, and she transforms trends into on-the-ground strategies for staffing, managing, innovation and meeting patient needs across generations.

These keynotes are Amy’s most popular for healthcare professionals: 

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Ardent Health • AAMC, Association of American Medical Colleges • AHP Association of Healthcare Philanthropy • BJC Healthcare • Brown University, Warren Alpert Medical School • Catholic Healthcare West • Einstein Healthcare Network • HCA Hospital Corporation of America • Johnson & Johnson • Lucro Marketplace • Medical Society of Virginia
 • MHCA Association of Mental Health Centers • Norton Healthcare • Philips Sonicare • ProAssurance • St. Thomas Ascension • THA Tennessee Hospitals Association • Vizient Inc. • WBL Women Leading Healthcare


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A Note From Amy:

I see the full spectrum of healthcare from pediatrics to geriatrics because I am close to my aging parents and to my 20-something children, one of whom is a mother herself. At the same time, as a generations researcher, I can parse out the exact high-tech, high-touch interactions that very different patient generations expect from you. Having researched the Millennial work ethic for 15 years, I understand the clashes that happen between experienced people and young generations. Most of all, I enjoy the task of getting in there with a team or a system and breaking down every-day generational collisions into conflict over four things—technology, authority, schedules and loyalty. Once we define those specific clashes, we can structure do-it-now solutions. That’s incredibly rewarding. It changes people’s lives—both the lives of providers and of patients.

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