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"Your presentation was not only informative, but in the short time we were together, I do feel I had a transformational experience regarding how I view Millennials in the work place. You brought me a decade or more forward."

Blaise Simqu, CEO, SAGE Publications 


"The rave reviews of Amy's keynote during our recent convention have not stopped coming in.  Her ability to relate her studies directly to our industry with specific examples was most impressive.  The time she took to understand our industry and dive deep into the skilled labor crisis set her presentation far apart from what many attendees had experienced before on the same subject.  Her presentation was incredibly valuable." 

Mitch Bloomquist, Executive Director, Tilt-Up Concrete Association


“You were a total homerun this morning at the ILI Leadership program.  You are so entertaining, informative and energetic, and you captured the audience from the beginning.  Thanks for coming to St. Louis!  Let’s find further ways to work together!”
Betsy Dennis, Barnes Jewish Hospital  


"I have never heard so many good comments about a speaker! Many speakers talk about generations, but you do something different.  The way you weave insight about all the generations together into Generational Intelligence is completely fresh and immediately useful."

Bev Garnett, Executive Director, ASCC


"Our attendees loved your keynote!  People tell me they have already used the insights you provided, and I can tell that Generational Intelligence is going to be a great tool for our leaders!"

Caitlin O'Brien, BJC Healthcare


"Response to your keynote was amazing. We had tremendous buzz! More than 90% of our attendees say they will use the information, and 93% say they learned something new about another generation. You do something utterly different when you reveal the unique elements that trigger behaviors in each generation and how to communicate within that context. Great work!"

Jennifer Hodges, Suntrust Bank 


“You were wildly successful with our dealers.  You got rave reviews for actionable content and humorous ad lib.  That's a winning combination for our brokers and business owners.”

Ashley Rubin, Head of Training and Development, Jacuzzi


“I have always admired the way you saw EARLY how important these intergenerational conversations were going to be and how we were going to need some tour guides to help us along the tricky way.”

Ruth Ann Harnish, CEO, The Harnish Foundation

"I have been in healthcare for more than 30 years, attended countless conferences and heard many luminaries speak. Amy is one of the BEST keynoters that I have ever heard.  She is brilliant engaging, funny and articulate.  The audience was the most engaged I have ever witnessed.  I found Amy’s insights into generational challenges and opportunities particularly applicable to healthcare, especially given the magnitude of our industry and the diversity of roles within it. Healthcare is always challenged to find clinical talent and increasingly challenged to find technical talent as the impact of IT continues to grow.  It is more important than ever that we build next generation leaders and, at the same time, capture the wisdom of our Baby Boomers.  Amy articulates the specifics for doing exactly that. She’s great! Sign her!"     

Miriam Paramore, COO, Lucro Marketplace

“Amy Lynch did an amazing job.  Attendees have been coming up to me regularly since her Sunday night keynote saying great things about her.  She was a real hit.  Would recommend her to anyone reaching out to someone with her abilities and knowledge of the generations.  Outstanding!
O.J. Sutherland, CCISDA Executive Director


 “Amy’s closing address really hit the mark for our distributors conference.  As an industry, we must attract and speak the language of younger generations.  She gave us strategies for doing exactly that.”             

 John Kaleta, Director of Channels, Sandvik Coromant Co


 “I am happy to recommend you.  Our shop owners found real take-aways in your session. And your interviews of shop owners beforehand added on-the-ground examples.  Many thanks for a great session.”  

Mike Gunnells, Sr. Manager Business Solutions, PPG


“Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Words cannot express how much we enjoyed and valued your presentation. Working with you is always a treat.“

Linda Scott, Senior Program Manager, The Conference Board of Canada


“Amy’s presentation was a hit!  Her thorough preparation process enabled her to strike exactly the right tone for our audience.  She is dynamic, and judging by her standing-room-only audience, I expect to have her back again!”

Nicole Buckley, Director, Institutional Advancement, Association of American Medical Colleges


“Minto is growing and changing rapidly.  Each year, Amy nails the generational aspects of that change for our High Potentials leadership group.  Her sessions always generate ongoing buzz.”

Stephanie Traversy, Manager of Learning & Development, The Minto Group


"I booked Amy and was more than pleased.  Her material is research-based, current and timely.  Amy’s presentation style is a real bonus.  She is engaging, humorous, and respectful of the questions her material raises.  The audience gave her a standing ovation; and reviews were so glowing that I hope to book Amy Lynch as a regular speaker for my leadership teams."           

Bill Rutherford, Director, Leadership TASB


“When I heard Amy speak, my first thought was ‘She gets it.  She really gets it when it comes to working with other generations.’  We immediately invited her to lead a retreat for our firm.”

Kevin Pinegar, Chairman and President, Durham, Jones and Pinegar


“Amy has addressed Private Client Reserve functions in various of our markets, and she always give us powerful insight into the generational dynamics around managing wealth.“

Heidi Humphreys, Director of Marketing and Communications, Private Client Reserve, US Bank   


"I want to thank you personally for what I would say is the most well-researched and organizationally focused presentation I have ever heard.  I found it refreshing that you had done your homework on Cooperative Extension and eXtension.  The fact that you researched us, looked at our website, interviewed our members and contributors and provided detailed examples of how we might appeal to the differing generations in our programming was excellent!"

Terry Meisenbach, Communication & Marketing, National eXtension


“I had heard several generations presentations, but the whole notion seemed a little like String Theory.  Sometimes I'd glimpse it, but it didn't seem to apply to me.  But when I heard Amy speak, I got it for the first time.  Generational concepts are no longer abstract!  They are strategies I can use, thanks to Amy's lucid, entertaining presentation!

Laura Reinbold, Director of Client Development, Terracon Engineering


"Amy Lynch is an engaging, dynamic presenter and expert on generational trends.  The information she shares is not only useful, but necessary.  Specifically for the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Amy provided strategies for working with donors of different generations.  Her real-world examples, action steps and specific language for framing effective donor solicitations made for a compelling session!"    

Sandy Obodzinski,  Director of Philanthropy, The Nature Conservancy


"Since your workshop, I've been texting like a youngster and loving it!  You can teach an old dog new tricks!"    

Dan Willard, President, Intercoastal Realty Corporation


"I have invited Amy to address audiences in both healthcare and the automotive industries.  At HCA she did a dynamic job of working with hospitals on issues affecting Gen Y retention.  More recently, we invited her to address the Nissan headquarters group, and they loved her!  She does her homework like nobody else, tailoring generations material to the industry so that audiences get genuine value."

Kim Sharp, Project Manager, Nissan USA


"It was clear you did a significant amount of research prior to the session to customize the presentation to meet our needs. I have not seen this extensive amount of work from other speakers. I highly recommend your services to others."

Annette Matthies, VP of People, Elevations Credit Union


“Bravo!  You really know how to hold an audience!  Your take-action advice is immediately useful.” 

Beverly Kaye, President, Career Resources International


“Your keynote was the highlight of our conference.  Our people have already asked to have you back next year to talk about GenEdgers!”

Linda Graebner-Smith, Managing Director, Accounting Principals


“Your session was right on target for our leadership group.  This is a message we need to hear.  We must learn to motivate and manage Generations Y and Z.  I look forward to working with you again." 

Kevin Vaughn, VP, Ardent Health Services


“Your presentation helped make our marketing conference one of our best meetings ever!”

William Roenigh, Senior Vice President, National Chicken Council


“Our bankers loved the keynote and the workshop that followed.  I heard many, many favorable comments, and the video clips you used were delightful.  These are ideas we need in our industry if we are to reach younger generations.” 

Peyton Taylor, Director of Development, Texas Bankers Association


“You kept us laughing and gave us eye-opening insight into why planners succeed in reaching some generations and fail with others.  I want you back again!” 

Coleen McArdell, Program Director, Collage for Financial Planning


“Amy has a special knack for engaging groups.  She understands how adults learn, and she brings added value with up-to-date research.  I hope to see her again, and soon." 

Gae Broadwater, Program and Staff Development, Kentucky State University


"Your opening keynote set exactly the right tone for our conference.  We could not have made a better choice!"

Brittany Brewer, Organizational Programs Director, SHRM, USA


"I highly recommend Amy as a speaker.  Her keynote was fun, and she gave us new and much needed ideas."

Mark Haskings, Policy Development Director, Virginia Dept of Taxation

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